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Last Updated: January 6th, 2020

This is a consolidated list of flight sim related software produced by Pete and John Dowson, with links for downloading and purchasing, where relevant.

Please use Peter Dowson's Support Forum for all support questions. And please make good use of the Sub-Forums there, which contain much useful information and further resources.

The software available through the links on this site are, for the most part, the current official release. For interim updates refer to the Forum's Download Links subforum.

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Main products for FSX, FSX-SE, and all Prepar3D Versions releases to date

FSUIPC 5.153
for Prepar3D Version 4   [ONLY]


Full release of FSUIPC 5 (incorporating the Server for WideFS 7), for use with Prepar3D 64-bit Version 4

Although WideServer7 is built into FSUIPC5, you still need the WideClient from the WideFS link below.  The WideServer component is enabled by a separate Registration code, which must be purchased from SimMarket (see below).

Note: if you have purchased WideFS to work with FSUIPC4 there is no need to re-purchase. Your existing registration details will still be applicable.

December 8th 2019.

FSUIPC 4.974 [for FSX, FSX-SE and P3D 1.4-3.4]


Full release of FSUIPC 4 (incorporating the Server for WideFS 7), for use with FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D 1.4-3.4

Although WideServer7 is built into FSUIPC4, you will still need the WideClient from the link below. The WideServer component is enabled by a separate Registration code, which must be purchased from SimMarket (see below).

Please Note: This version works with versions 1.4-3.4 of Prepar3D, but they will not be supported in the future. Prepar3D users should move on to Version 4.

February 24th 2018.


Full package for WideFS7, which includes WideClient 7.156, WideCloser 1.0.2 and documentation.

WideClient Links FS utilities over a LAN, without needing to have a copy of FS on the second computer.
Note that WideFS consists of WideClient, WideServer and WideCloser. However, as WideServer is now included in FSUIPC4 and FSUIPC5, it is only needed for FS2004.

FSUIPC is required. January 31st 2019.


To buy FSUIPC or WideFS for FSX, FSX-SE, or Prepar3D, and receive your Registration code, use the relevant link below to go to the simMarket purchase page:

  simMarket simMarket simMarket

                 FSUIPC5 for Prepar3D 4                  

FSUIPC4 for FSX and P3D3                   

WideFS for FSX and P3D


Additional Free Software

MakeRwys 4.891 MakeRwys is a simple utility which extracts selected airport data from active scenery, basing its scan on the active SCENERY.CFG file. It produces data files for all versions of Radar Contact, for FStarRC, and for several other programs. It is suitable for FS2002, FS2004, FSX and P3D.

Documentation of the CSV data files produced is now included in the ReadMe, inside the ZIP. The program is free for anyone to use as necessary to support their own data needs, as well as users of the mentioned programs.
November 11th 2019


FSUIPC Software Development Kit for versions 3.999/4.80, authored by Peter Dowson, Pelle Liljendal and Chris Brett. Contiains very large list of FS offsets as well as source code examples for C/C++, Delphi and VB. Also contains FSInterrogate. (for FS2004, Prepar3D, FSX and FSX-SE).
February 10th 2012.


A utility program for linking FSUIPC Offset values to virtual joystick inputs. Requires the vJoy package provided by Shaul Eizikovitch. Authored by Peter Dowson, December 2019.

PFC DLL includes
PFC.DLL for FSX/P3D1-3, and
PFCcom64.DLL for P3D4

PFC.DLL This program is an FS2000/FS2002/FS2004/FSX/P3D driver for the COM-port connected equipment produced by PFC (Precision Flight Controls Inc.) It handles the Throttle Quadrant Console, Cirrus II, Professional Flight Console, and the Jetliner, with options such as Pedals, Avionics Stack and the Remote Instrument Controller (RIC).
June 12th 2017.
PFCHID includes
PFCHID.DLL for FSX/P3D1-3, and
PFChid64.DLL for P3D4
An add-on for FSUIPC3, FSUIPC4 or FSUIPC5 to drive PFC's modern USB HID devices.
June 12th 2017.
HidScanner A little program for scanning connected (or even just Registered) Joysticks and other HID (Human Interface) Devices and providing full details. It can stay running and monitor changes too, if needed.
64-bit Module User Kit The 64-bit Module User Kit only.
64-bit External User Kit The 64-bit External User Kit only.


FSUIPC and WideFS for FS2004

The version FSUIPC below is also compatible with the Microsoft Flight Simulator 9.1 UPDATE which was made available on October 9th 2004.

FSUIPC 3.999z9

FSUIPC.DLL (FSUIPC3) replaces FS6IPC.DLL for use with FS2004.
September 9th 2013.

WideFS6 WideFS consists of WideServer 6.995, WideClient 7.156, and WideCloser 1.0.2.

WideFS Links FS utilities over a LAN, without needing to have a copy of FS on the second computer. Works with FS2004. FSUIPC is required. Includes TCP/IP and IPX/SPX support.
January 31st 2019.

To buy FSUIPC or WideFS for FS2004, and receive your Registration code, use the relevant link to go to the simMarket purchase page:

simMarket simMarket

FSUIPC for FS2004        

WideFS for FS2004

Older Unsupported Utilities and Documents

FS2004controls Documentation about FS2004's keyboard and joystick control inputs.
October 1st 2003 (17 KB)
FSUIPCRun Options
for FSUIPC 2.94 or above

FSUIPC Run Options by Jos� Oliveira, this utility allows you to set the options for running programs via FSUIPC on the FS computer (please see the FSUIPC Advanced Users Guide).
July 24th 2003.

AIBridge (link) AIBridge by Jos� Oliveira, this priogram utilises the new feature in FSUIPC to inject Traffic information into the TCAS tables to add Multiplayer aircraft, so that these will show on TCAS radar displays and gauges.
EpicInfo 4.22 EpicInfo is an incredibly useful module for anyone using an Epic together with FS. If you have an Epic just download it without any further ado.

This version is compatible with both USB and ISA versions of the EPIC.
December 9th 2003.

GFDisplay 1.30 GoFlight display and indicator handler for registered FSUIPC users -
November 27th 2009.
GPSout 2.61

Provides GPS style output on a COM port, for connection to FliteMap, AutoRoute, or other atlases and moving map programs which accept standard NMEA 0183 format input.

Note: For FSX this facility is part of FSUIPC4 and needs user registration.
May 8th 2013.

AutoSave 1.501 with FS2004 support. It will save flights ("STN" files) at regular intervals, so you can retry that crashed landing or quickly recover from other problems.

Note: For FSX this facility is part of FSUIPC4 and needs user registration.
December 24th 2004 (released Jan 2nd 2006).
Older non-English FSUIPC Documentation

French Docs by Fabrice Erdinger , Philippe Durand, and Sylvain Jub� (User Guide for Version 2.96)
French FSUIPC Run Options Translated by Sylvain Jub�
French SDK Docs by Arnaud Dupin de Beyissat (for Advanced Users and Programmers)

FSUIPC Module French Version 2.96 by Sylvain Jub�

FS2002controls Documentation about FS2002's keyboard and joystick control inputs.
December 4th 2001
FStarRC 2.31

This package provides Jeppesen FliteStar/FliteMap (version 8 or 9) with a way to generate plans for FS2000/2002/FS2004, and .apl input files for direct use in JDTLLC's Radar Contact (all versions from 99 through 2.2 and including the current version 3).
May 8th 2013

FS2000ctls Documentation about FS2000's keyboard and joystick control inputs.
November 25th 1999
EpicLink 1.05 EpicLink allows you to link multiple EPIC installations on a LAN, under Windows control and using the IPX/SPX protocol. Includes the latest Epic.Vxd July 2000. For ISA EPIC cards only
FS98ctls Documentation about FS98's keyboard and joystick control inputs.
June 2nd 1999